Movi XL on a our camera car. Remote head for camera car footage. UltraArmSF is our company.


Weighing in at only 25lbs, the MōVI XL carries a max payload of  50 lbs.

Custom motors, drives, and high power batteries, allow MōVI XL to handle the G-Forces that are delivered at speeds of up to 100 mph without sacrificing control or stability. MōVI XL updates camera pointing one thousand times per second. This means stable shots in the most demanding environments. The dual 10Ah 22.2v batteries provide power for the MōVI XL and will run the system for up to 5+ hours. 

Movi Controller used for the Movi XL. We use it on our camera car in San Francisco. UltraArmSF.

MōVI XL Controller

The MōVI Controller has redefined Dual Operator Mode for the MōVI. Control of pan, tilt, and roll has never been more intuitive and with the ability to tune and adjust the MōVI's parameters on the fly. It provides telemetry from the MōVI and allows the user to access MōVI menus to enable on-the-fly adjustment of key MōVI parameters.

Movi Wheels control the Movi XL that we use as our remote head for our camera car. UltraArmSF,


The MōVI wheels feature a modular, adjustable mounting system that allows for quick positioning of each wheel module for maximum operator comfort. The wheels are designed with 16 bit magnetic encoder sensors which provide compact, robust, and precise control and minimum latency. Through the MōVI controller, the operator can quickly control wheel direction, wheel friction, gear ratios, or wheel kill. Precision and control for those who want a wheels based configuration.