The UltraArmSF team and our camera car package was usedfor the running  footage on the Sony VISION-S prototype vehicle concept movie. It was released and premiered at CES 2020 in Las  Vegas. We were very happy to have been a part of it.

2019 Video Clips

These are some clips from our fist year working with SHADOW and the  UltraArm. Most of the footage is the direct feed from the camera so  please pardon the "frame lines."

LUCID Motors

UltraArmSF was happy to work with the in house production of LUCID Motors to shoot the Northern California forest portions of this piece. Shooting on snow looked like fun, but that wasn't us. We look forward to release.

Hero Motorcycles


Banana republic

Motorcyle sequences shot with SHADOW


Simraceway Performance Driving center Sonoma Raceway

A piece UltraArmSF shot for the SIM Performance Driving Center at Sonoma Raceway.

BTS SIM Performance Driving Center

Here is some behind the scenes footage from the SIM Performance Driving Center press video. It was great to be a part of this and so fun to shoot. Thanks for the opportunity SIM.


Everything except the aerials were shot with SHADOW 


ULtraArmSF Cut 

Fun with CHP

On our way back to base camp, we followed one of the officers who  provided us with our road closures. We figured we would provide a little  extra coverage. Thanks for keeping us safe guys!