Sean Rivers

Sean Rivers UltraArmSF, Movi XL, remote camera crane, car to car footage, chase car, ultimate arm

Sean is the current Owner/Operator of "Unpathed" and now a Co-Owner of UltraArmSF. He realizes there is often a gap between creative intent and technical and budgetary feasibility. Thus, the UltraArmSF solution. Sean specializes in, motion stabilized cinematography, with an emphasis on camera vehicles. He has been shooting “car to car” for his clients with the AudiQ5, the FlowCine Black Arm with the Tranquilizer system, and the MōVI XL. Sean has built the Audi specifically for “car to car” shooting. As an early adopter to the world of gimbals, Sean is a highly skilled MōVI tech/operator and prides himself on his high standards of work and expertise. He brings his experience and passion to the UltraArmSF team.

Robert Barcelona

Robert Barcelona UltraArmSF, Russian arm in San Francisco

"The Crane Guy" is the company that Robert has owned and operated for over 30 years. He has been supplying a wide range of camera cranes, remote heads, and a cable cam, to the production industry. As an operator Robert also brings a special skill set to the UltraArmSF team. He has specifically focused his career on the operation of both joystick and wheels based systems. Being a Jimmy Jib operator, he has been swinging a crane while using a joystick for controlling pan, tilt, zoom and focus for years. The MotoCrane Ultra fits right into his wheel house. He can either operate the remote arm on the car or precisely frame  shots using the MōVI controller or wheels. He is an IATSE 600 member who is well known for his knowledge of the profession and sense of humor. Robert is also a Co-Owner in UltraArmSF.

Patrick Roth

Patrick Roth UltraArmSF, camera car

Patrick Roth is Co-Owner, driver, and remote arm operator for UltraArmSF. Since 1990, Patrick has worked almost exclusively as a Key Grip, Dolly Grip, and Grip. He has years of experience rigging and working on arm/insert cars. Patrick has also been a crane operator for "The Crane Guy" for 20 plus years. Working exclusively with Robert as part of the TechnoCrane team, the coordination between the two has led them to be a well-coordinated operating team. In 2003, Patrick joined the California Highway Patrol where he was expertly trained in the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC). The EVOC course included techniques in high speed driving, high speed backing, pursuit driving, and vehicle placement.  Although currently still employed by the CHP, Patrick drives camera cars, maintains his Teamster Union status, his Local 16 status, and continues to work with "The Crane Guy" as a TechnoCrane operator. His years of experience qualify him as a well skilled driver and remote arm operator.